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To gain secure access to Employer Services Online, please enter your Employer ID, User ID, Date of Birth and Password/ Access Number below.

When you first log in, you will be asked to change your Password/ Access Number to a new one with a minimum of eight characters, use at least one capital and one lowercase letter, and at least one number and not be a commonly used word; choose one you can remember. You will also be asked to enter two secret questions and their answers. Choose questions only you can answer and that you will always remember the answer to.

If you have forgotten your Password/ Access Number you will need to enter your reference number. Your reference number is your Employer ID and User ID entered as one string of characters with no spaces. Click here to enter your reference number.

This is the 5 digit Employer ID contained in your Welcome email.

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Please use this format: DDMMYYYY (for example 01071987).

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